JCS Rustic Frames Home

Authentic Willamette Valley naturally-aged wood, barbed wire and (empty) wasp nest for a frame? YES! And the look is rugged, rustic and superb!

The best thing is that these natural frames are made by two-innovative and industrious business men both under the age of eighteen!

When Joshua (14) and his brother Caleb (11) were asked to make a frame to display their sister Alisha’s (19) work at the Creswell Library, they readily agreed.

(Note: Alisha is also an entrepreneur, artist and local photographer.)

Both Joshua and Caleb completed their first frame, and J.C.S. Designs was born.

Quality Handmade Eugene Frames are found in an assortment of rustic designs. We can supply any size you desire.

Before a frame receives an official J.C.S. Branding, each handmade frame has been checked for quality and design aesthetics.

You will be thrilled to display your favorite landscape painting or portrait in our uniquely rustic frame. No two are alike.

If you have custom framing needs, Joshua and Caleb will be happy to fill most any custom order.